Saturday, October 8, 2011

Monarchy- You Don't Want to Dance With Me Vivien Remix

There's an Indian summer taking place over here, so it's sort of fitting that I post this remix of Monarchy's song "You Don't Want to Dance With Me." It's got such a summery feel to it, that it makes me want to rewind time back to this summer.

Here's an interesting fact about Monarchy: Their first live show was broadcast into space, making them the first music group to perform live into space. I don't really know why they did that... I guess to get some alien followers. That's pretty cool though.

You can listen to the original version of the song and the remix below.

You Don't Want To Dance With Me (VIVIEN Remix) by Monarchy

You Don't Want To Dance With Me (feat. Britt Love) by Monarchy

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